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29 August 2022 @ 05:33 pm
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[Pyro hasn't been able to steal Spy's lighter recently, and so has been reduced to lying in the park and wandering about town, with no relief from her pain. She's been kinda blank, so it's hard to know what reaction you'll get from her. She'd take hold of any flame she could get her hands on right now, but she kinda skipped the stage in which she would murder someone for fire. She'd just grasp lazily for it. It's as if she's asleep.]

A [She's lying on the grass in the park, looking up at the sky with a blank face. She'll be there all hours of the day, and no matter the weather. This may be the one time you can trip over her without it leading to your severe injury. It may also not be. Care to test your luck?]

B [She's walking around downtown, going in every store she can find, and walking out without buying anything. You'll be able to catch her pretty much anywhere, but she might get bored of you easily. She's also been crisscrossing the street to block traffic as much as possible. Or maybe she's just following something...?]
30 August 2011 @ 10:16 pm

[She's walking by the front door on the way to the kitchen. Afternoon snack time. Through the window, she spots a large package with her name on it.  Tentatively, she opens the door. Could it be something of hers, like other people had gotten? Or was it just a sick joke from the town, or someone else? Well, only one way to find out. She takes the package inside, gets a knife, and cuts the package open. Inside is her suit, the only thing she couldn't burn. She's not even sure she wants it, maybe she could give it back. But no, she'll keep it.

A while later, with her suit half-on and one of the wife beaters that the town has supplied her husband. She feels like stomping on any little bug (or person) that comes into view. On top of the world, bitches! Don't get stepped on.]
15 August 2011 @ 08:32 am
Waking up tl;drCollapse )

She races out of the house, still in a nightdress, and tries to find her bearings. This isn’t her base, it’s nowhere near her base. There’s no desert, just –dare she admit it– quaint little houses. She’s still tired, but she doesn’t have coffee or a flame; no time for that, anyway. She half-stumbles half-races down the street, looking wildly about, trying to find out what this horrible, devilish construct could be. She needs answers, but she’ll need to find someone first. If she does, however, find someone, she’s most likely to take out her worry and confusion and suspicion on them. She’s trying to find something familiar; anything. Even just a person might be enough, if they could shake her out of this stupor and get her back to thinking properly.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! [The resounding yell should get something to happen, but right now she’s too worn out to see what. She plops down where she is (which is, unfortunately, the middle of the road) and tries to catch her breath. She might be standing by the time you find her, though.]

ooc: and now I'm off for today! Tags will be sometime late in the evening.
26 July 2011 @ 11:36 pm
Option 1: Action.

[She's looking for a flame. Doesn't matter who, where, when, why, or how, but she's desperate. She's currently rushing through John Doe park and fussing with her dress. She won't be in a very good (or stable) mood if you run into her.]

Option 2: Phone.

Hey, anyone have an outfit that isn't a skirt and won't get me droned? This floral one I've got on right now is just fucking undescribably disgustin'. I really really really hate dresses. You can watch me change if you're interested in that bullshit, but I need to get out of this right now.